How to Start, Grow, and Scale Your Own Business
on The Side... With Less Than 2 Hours Per Day

Hi, my name is Jeremy Henderson,

and I have a question for you…

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible for you to break free from the work you hate to start a business that brings you joy?

Well the good news is you can and it’s easier than you might think…

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike as a kid?

At first it seemed impossible. You would get on the bike, try to balance, and no matter how hard you tried you just kept wiping out.

…But you eventually figured it out and realized that you ACTUALLY CAN ride a bike. This is the same way starting a business feels like.

Now, don’t get me wrong, just because the steps to starting and growing a business are simple does not mean that it will be easy…there will not be work involved.

There will be a learning curve, and some days you will be tested, but if you trust in process and keep pushing forward it WILL pay off.

You don’t even need a college degree, any certifications, or any kind of business expertise to get started.

All you need is a desire and be willing to learn and put forth an hour or two of work each day and you can start a business that gives you the freedom and happiness that so many only dream of (…but dreaming won’t get you there).

I will be opening up a class to a small group of people who want to learn step by step how to start an online business from scratch even if you only have an hour or two per day to work on your new side hustle.

This will be an online interactive class where you get to work with me and a small group of your peers learning exactly how to start, grow, and scale a business on the internet.

The class will open sometime during the month of May (probably the first or second week) and will be limited to a very small group (Less than 50 people).

To be one of the first in line to enroll for this upcoming class and to learn more before the class even opens, fill out the form on this page!

The "Pilot" Class Will Open to a Small Group of People in Early May.

To Get Notified and Become One of The First to Have the Ability to Enroll, Fill Out The Form on This Page!

Be The First In Line to Enroll For The Upcomg Class. Just Fill Out This Form and I Will Notify Before We Open Enrollment!